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Video Recap: #BuildPVD ‘Play For Peace’ Basketball Game

Over the weekend, Professional basketball player & Providence native, Lamont Thomas along with Calvin Jones from Camp Errol collaborated on an event called ‘Play For Peace’. High school athletes played against the Providence Police Department, to help build the ailing relationship between the cops & the inner city youth.

Among the stars in attendance like Ricky Ledo of the NY Knicks, the highlight of the evening was an open forum discussing what it takes to over come the struggles of living in poverty stricken neighborhoods, followed by an All Star game featuring New England/Tri-State Professional athletes such as Jeff Xavier, Tyrone Nared & Delroy James.

Below is a recap of the game, shout outs to @RIAffiliated for the coverage #BuildPVD


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Video: Golden State Warriors Take 2-0 Lead On Houston Rockets

League MVP Steph Curry vs. MVP Runner-Up James Harden. Through two games, it has basically been just that. There is a level these two competitors that has risen above all the other players in this series. Curry scored 34 and 33 points in consecutive games with 11 total three-pointers, while Harden came an assist short of a triple-double twice. Not to mention his own back-to-back scoring games of 28 and 38 points. So many expectations were heaped on these two preparing for this series, which usually foreshadows disappointment. Not so, here.

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Sports: Was it ever really close


Was it ever really close, according to reports Stephen Curry received 100 out of the 130 1st place ballads.  James Harden ended up 2nd with Lebron  James coming in 3rd. When was that last time you remember a MVP race like this one. This is just a preview of the rest of the season, playoffs are just as exciting as the MVP race. Lets see if Curry can end his historic season with an NBA championship also.