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Release Reminder: Nike Barkley Posite USA

Charles Barkley was a force in the paint. The Nike Barkley Posite is one of the greatest “what ifs” in the sneaker world. What if Charles Barkley played in a pair of Foamposites what would it look like? Last year, Nike was able to spark our imagination

The Nike Barkley Posite represents a modern approach to signature Charles Barkley shoes. On Friday August 1st, the USA colorway of the Nike Barkley Posite will be available at Expressions.

Below are some detailed pictures of the Nike Barkley Posite.

FL_Unlocked_FL_Unlocked_Nike_Barkley_Posite_USA_01-800x525 FL_Unlocked_FL_Unlocked_Nike_Barkley_Posite_USA_02-800x570 FL_Unlocked_FL_Unlocked_Nike_Barkley_Posite_USA_03-800x749 FL_Unlocked_FL_Unlocked_Nike_Barkley_Posite_USA_04-800x377