The Latest in New Balance Footwear

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The Latest in New Balance Footwear

The New Balance Arch Support Company was founded in 1906 by William J.Riley. Based in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, Riley along with Arthur Hall were locally known to produce arch support for footwear through out the 1900’s. In 1960, the company would create the worlds first running shoe made with a ripple sole. Once the athletes at MIT & BU began wearing the ‘Trackster’ during track meets, the sky was the limit. In 1972, current Chairman Jim Davis bought the company & took it from a 30 employee company to the world wide brand we know today.


In pop culture, the late-great Apple genius himself, Steve Jobs has been known to sport New Balance footwear during his iconic presentations. Also musicians such as Kanye West, Rihanna, Pharrell & Action Bronson have been seen wearing this classic sneaker both on & off the stage.





In 2012, the New England brand made over 2 billion dollars in revenue with nearly 30% coming from the UK. It’s safe to say what was once Boston’s best kept secret is now a staple in the athletic & lifestyle world of fashion. Stop by your local Expressions Store & check out the latest in New Balance footwear.

Mens New Balance 574 ‘Basic Jogger’ (Black/White/Silver)

Style #: M574SKW


Mens New Balance 574 ‘State Fair’ (Blue/Red/White)

Style #: ML574SAF


Mens New Balance 574 ‘State Fair’ (Grey/Black/Gum)

Style #: ML574SAA


Mens New Balance 574 ‘Summer Waves’ (Red/Blue/Black)

Style #: ML574SID


New Balance 574 ‘Summer Waves’ (Black/Teal)

Style #: ML574SIB


Mens New Balance 574 ‘Re-Engineered’ (Red/White)

Style #: MTL574MR


 Mens New Balance 530 ‘Lost Mixes’ (White/Grey/Black)

Style #: M530LM


Mens New Balance 530 ‘Lost Worlds’ (Blue/Grey/White)

Style #: M530LW


Mens New Balance 530 ‘Lost Classics’ (Black/Red/Cream)

Style #: M530LC



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The Latest In New Balance Footwear

New Balance footwear is specially made for style & comfort. Stop by your local Expressions store & check out the latest in New Balance sneakers & boots for any occasion.

Men’s New Balance 530 ‘Running Solid’ – Red

Style #: M530AAF

530 Red

Men’s New Balance 999 ‘Wooly Mammoth’ – Blue

Style #: NL999MMV

Wooly Blue


Men’s New Balance 999 ‘Wooly Mammoth’ – Black

Style #: ML999MMT

wooly black

Men’s New Balance 574 Boot – Black

Style #: MLM574OC

574 boot black

Men’s New Balance 574 Boot – Blue

Style #: MLM574OB

574 boot blue

Women’s New Balance 574 Boot – Purple

Style #: WH574PI

Wmns 574 prp boot

Women’s New Balance 574 Boot – Black/Teal

Style #: WH574GG

wmns 574 boot teal

GS New Balance 574 – Pink

Style #: KL5707

GS 574 pink

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Release Reminder: New Balance 999 Wooly Mammoth Pack

New Balance has had a big year & they don’t seem to be slowing down. On November 1st, the 999 Wooly Mammoth pack will be coming to an Expressions Stores near you.

Check out the NB 999 Wooly Mammoth pack below.



Style #: NL999MMV





Style #: ML999MMT




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Release Reminder: New Balance Elite Urban Sky 999


ml999be_nb_34_i (2)

Now you can look down and see what you see when you look up. The Elite Edition Sky 999 was designed to make you feel as though you were looking up at a night sky in the middle of a crowded city. With dark bases and pops of bright colors, these shoes are urban essentials.
unnamed (59) unnamed (52)unnamed (58)unnamed (53)


Escape the hustle bustle of the city with one glance upward. There, the stillness and peacefulness of the night air collides with bright stars. We took that feeling and translated it to footwear in the Elite Edition Urban Sky 999. A lifestyle shoe with cool clarity.The high-quality craftsmanship you find in every New Balance shoe is taken even further in our Elite Edition Classics. Highly collectible, and in limited supply, these shoes set the standard for street style.


  • Blown rubber forefoot
  • Pig suede/mesh
  • unnamed (57)
    unnamed (56)

    A superior blend of foam cushioning and compression set, featuring rubber.

     Compression-molded EVA for superior midsole cushioning and flexibility.
    unnamed (55) unnamed (54)unnamed (51)

    Blue with Black & Grey

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    Release Reminder: New Balance POP TROPICAL 574





    Vibrant tropical brights mix with bold graphics for a statement making pop that’s hard to miss. Hot hues and hits of neon finished with a funky pattern give our classic 574 a fresh new vibe to rocket you into the weekend.Big on impact. Big on personality. All you.

     unnamed (45) unnamed (62) unnamed (61) unnamed (46)
    The colors of exotic locales inspired the Pop Tropical 574. The bold colors are balanced with classic New Balance styling and cushioning so your feet will feel like they’re on vacation year round.
  • EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam midsole for cushioning
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Synthetic/nubuck upper
  • unnamed (63)

    Blue Radiance with Exuberant Pink & Spectrum Blue
    Available only in grade school sizes and under. contact your local store for further information.

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    Release Reminder: New Balanced 574 Pique Polo Pack




    Inspired by the classic look of polo shirts, the Pique Polo 574 features a textural textile upper in bright colors. Step into your favorite pair for an instantly cool look — no collar pop required.
    unnamed (40)  unnamed (38)unnamed (43)unnamed (44)


    Step back into classic retro style with this New Balance running shoe. This model features a suede/mesh upper for a premium look and an ENCAP® midsole for added support.


  • Textile upper
  • unnamed (39)   unnamed (37)


     A core of soft cushioning EVA in the midsole with a tough polyurethane rim for more support and durability.
    unnamed (42)


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    Release Reminder: New Balance 574


    unnamed (33)

    unnamed (34) unnamed (32)

    Out East 574

    seen in packs on college campuses and along the East coast. And it’s no surprise. With cool texture and classic styling, the Out East 574 is for the sporty and stylish.
  • Suede/mesh upper

    Dark Sapphire with Grey & Cadet Blue
     unnamed (24) unnamed (23)  unnamed (20) unnamed (18) unnamed (19) unnamed (30)

    Out East 574

    Cadet Blue with Navy & Orange


    unnamed (27) unnamed (28) unnamed (25) unnamed (26)ml574sog_nb_15_i

    574 New Balance

    Classic. Expressive. Inspired. A New Balance fan-favorite for its staying power and undeniable style, the 574 is the easy choice for modern style that’s equal parts casual and cool.
    Step back into classic retro style with this New Balance running shoe. This model features a suede/mesh upper for a premium look and an ENCAP® midsole for added support.



    • Solid rubber outsole



    • Suede/mesh upper


    unnamed (14) unnamed (15)

    ml574cpm_nb_16_i (1)

    unnamed (17) unnamed (35) unnamed (36)

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    Release Reminder: New Balance 496


    80s Running 496

    Looking for new everyday sneaker? Think throwback with the New Balance 496 men’s shoe. A classic with plenty of staying power, this everyday sneaker makes a cool statement in a mix of suede and mesh upper materials. Signature New Balance ENCAP® technology ensures comfort with every step. These are extremely limited only hitting Stores Listed Below.
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  • Suede/mesh upper
  • unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (5) unnamed (8) unnamed


    486 Washington St. Boston, MA 02111

    Phone: 617-423-7111


    South Shore Plaza 250 Grainte St. #4140

    Braintree, MA, 02184

    Phone: 781-849-2073


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    Release Reminder: New Balance MD575ERB ‘Elite Edition’

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    Inspired by some of their much loved trailwear, the New Balance MD575ERB is a rough and ready runner, constructed with suede, canvas and mesh uppers and sitting on top of a cushioned sole unit with speckled detailing. Hit up our Downtown Boston and Braintree locations for a pair this weekend.

    Location: 486 Washington Street, Boston, MA, 02111

    Location: Southshore Plaza – 250 Granite Street, Braintree, MA, 02184

    Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.22.16 AM copy

    Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.22.24 AM copy

    Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.22.33 AM copy

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    New Balance 574 “Woven” Pack In Stores Now


    New Balance Releases The Woven 574 Pack, They Can Be Found At Select Stores. Call Up Your Local Expressions And See If They Are Still Available.