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New Brand: ODD SOX

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We are born into a society where every single person is taught the same basic ideas of conformity and influenced by a dysfunctional educational system and a monster media machine. We naturally grow up trying to fit in and try to be like everyone around us instead of finding our own voice. Rather than being taught to express ourselves and to be different, we are pressured into being normal. Odd Sox was soley established to work against the grain and to dismantle the status quo, simply put: Stand Out, Be ODD.

Odd Sox is unique in that we create designs that allow people to stand out with original concepts and clever designs and also by producing styles that allow a person to mix and match their sox. Whether its classic styles like dots and stripes or picture sox, we lead the way by ensuring trendsetting products.

Odd Sox was created to bring fashion to sox. Set out to overthrow mainstream styles and mundane designs, we fully represent uniqueness and individuality. Our main focus is to ensure our sox maintain the best quality, with superior comfort, and to continue with innovative designs. We guarantee to never ever conform to the status quo and to always represent and invest in the millions of people who are dreamers and want to create something greater than themselves.

Always Stand Out, Be ODD.

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New Brand: Fly Supply

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Fly Supply Clothing is a feel-good brand that provides the consumer with quality products, inspires confidence, encourages freedom of speech and fosters creativity. The “fly” concept has transcended time. From the eras of bell-bottoms to penny loafers, afros to high-top fades, and from rope chains to Cuban links one thing that remains constant is the desire to be a trendsetter. Fly Supply Clothing knows no race, class or demographic boundaries and it connects all humanity under one value: being fly.

Express your sense of style with Fly Supply Clothing and remember, “Being fly is a way of life”.