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Whose Shoes Will Rule the Future?

Both of these technologies are making great strides, and who better to utilise them than the footwear industry? What we are seeing is a dynamic shift in the industrial revolution.

We are experiencing what is called the Internet of Things (IoT). In short, it is the use of everyday items that have been given the ability to communicate with each other via wireless connection.

What does this have to do with sneakers? Well, there are sensors that can monitor your gait, or manner of walking. These sensors, usually see on those high tech treadmills,reset yahoo password in combination with let’s say a 3D printer yield results similar to this.

The plan, according to adidas, is to be able to make sneakers so fast that they’ll be able to quickly tailor make them for each individual customer. How about that, a machine that makes a sneaker for your feet and yours alone.

Now, Nike is on a similar path but they want their kicks to tailor make themselves while you’re wearing them!

You may have seen something similar to these (the Nike Mag) from those famous movies that came out so long ago. Now the adaptive lacing system is here and ready for widespread use.

Which will you choose?

With the footwear industry slowly changing from mass production of a certain shoe to making a specific pair per person, which side will you be on? Will you go with adaptive lacing? 3D printed footwear? Or will you go for a fully customisable look?

Whatever your choice is get ready for the future of footwear!

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0
Black/Blue Lagoon-Landscape-White
December 19th, 2016

adidas FutureCraft 3D
December 15th, 2016